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PS4 Cross-platform Play Sony response

Sony Finally Gives Some Hope on PS4 Console Cross-play

Okay, here’s hoping…

E3 2017 Sony

Recapping the E3 2017 Sony Conference

A look into the past

Sony E3 2018

Now Loading: A Look At The Best Possible Sony Reveal This E3

Suikoden VI!

No Man’s Sky Review – Reach for the Sky (PS4)

Great things from small beginnings.

The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 10 – Why I’m Paying $914 for Oculus Rift and Not PSVR

We’re Canadian! What do we know?

PS4 Price Cut in US and Canada

Trying to keep up that PS2-style sales pace.

The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 04 – Games Aren’t Scary

Not even that one that scared you.

Here’s a Kill Strain PS4 Tutorial in 60 Seconds

If you don’t watch you’ll be turned into a mutant!

Now Loading…Uncharted 4 DLC Announced Before Release and Micro-Transactions

Should we give them a pass since they’re so good as a studio?

Until Dawn Gameplay Shows Choices and Its Consequences

Run or hide?

Killzone: Shadow Fall Lawsuit Settled Out of Court

The amount has not been disclosed.

FTC Unanimously Approves Final Order Concerning PS Vita False Advertising Issue

Hopefully Sony will be more honest in the future.

9 Bloodborne Player Screenshots Show Us Weapons and Stuff

The Share Button gives a glimpse of PS4’s sixth-hottest exclusive.

Now Loading…Uncharted 4 Delay, and What Sony Has in Store for Fall 2015

How will Sony survive now that Uncharted 4 is not on track for 2015? PSLS tries to weigh in.

Everything Wrong With The Order: 1886

You have complaints? We have complaints, too!

The Order: 1886 Most Brutal Moments Captured on Video, Sackboy Easter Egg Revealed

Faces smashed, arms broken , and mangled throats…and Sackboy!

Watch The Order: 1886’s First Combat Scenario and First Lycan Battle

Taking down the mad bedlamites, and see the game’s first half breed fight!

Fat Princess: Piece of Cake Review – A Puzzling Entry (Vita)

Swap those cakes!

Refund Coming to Early PS Vita Buyers as Sony Settles With FTC Over False Advertising

Good news for you, bad news for Sony.

DriveClub Review – Staying on Track (PS4)