Sony Ericsson

VidZone to Receive Music Video Show

VidZone, the PlayStation 3’s music video streaming service, is the largest Music Video on Demand service in the World, offering thousands of videos to millions of people across 18 different countries, as well as purchasable ringtones and MP3’s. VidZone Digital Media, the company behind the service, don’t want to take this success for granted, with numerous plans to broaden the appeal of the PlayStation application set to release throughout the year. VidZone’s CEO, Adrian Workman, outlined some of these plans in an in-depth interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, and others, such as Perez Hilton’s celebrity playlists have already launched on the service. Now, it seems that VidZone has partnered with Sony Ericsson to bring a successful internet music video show to the PS3.

by Sebastian Moss
April 7th, 2010
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