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marvel's spider-man into the spider-verse suit

This Into the Spider-Verse Suit Concept for Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Perfect

The suit power just plays “Sunflower” on repeat whenever you’re swinging through the city.

marvel gallery pvc

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s First Marvel Gallery PVC Statue Is Available for Preorder

The figure will begin shipping in May 2019.

Marvels Spider-man silver linings review

Marvel’s Spider Man: Silver Lining DLC Review – Don’t Leave Me Hanging (PS4)

That’s a wrap.

spider-cop suit

Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Spider-Cop Is Officially Canon

He’s a grizzled police vet, with a mustache to match.

Marvels spider-man turf wars review DLC 1

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Turf Wars DLC Review – Retreading Ground (PS4)

This villain’s a bit hard headed.

spider-man turf wars trailer

Find Out Why Hammerhead Is Facing J. Jonah Jameson’s Fury in Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Turf Wars

Of course, Spider-Man also gets Jameson’s ire.

spider-man update

Update Marvel’s Spider-Man for Even More Photo Mode Options

A few new additions to photo mode have arrived.

spider-man turf wars dlc

Marvel’s Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC Release Date Confirmed by In-Game Menu

Spider-Man goes head-to-head with a new villain.

marvels spider-man ps4 sales records

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Sets Multiple NPD Sales Records for September 2018

That’s a lot of webbing!

spider-man ps4 update

Patch Notes for Spider-Man Updates 1.07 and 1.08 List All the New Features and Fixes

Max health capped at 250.

Spider-Man PS4 Puddle Stickers

Spider-Man PS4 Puddle Stickers Added to Photo Mode, Pokes Fun at the Puddle Controversy

You can now put puddles anywhere!

spider-man black cat dlc

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Insomniac Teases ‘Twists and Turns’ for Black Cat in DLC

Expect the unexpected from Felicia Hardy’s Black Cat.

spider-man sinister six

Marvel’s Spider-Man Originally Had Missions Dedicated to Sinister Six Members

Out of these cuts came combined boss fights.

spider-man ps4 platinum

Spider-Man Has One of the Highest Platinum Trophy Achievement Rates Among PS4 Exclusives

1 in 10 players have unlocked the Platinum.

spider man ps4 sales

Spider-Man Sold 44% More Retail Copies Than Uncharted 4 Did During Launch Month in the UK

PS4 claimed approximately 63% market share in September 2018.

PlayStation Classic games

What the Remaining 15 PlayStation Classic Games Need to Be

Take note, Sony.

spider-man ps4 uk sales

Marvel’s Spider-Man UK Sales Have Already Surpassed Far Cry 5

Marvel’s Spider-Man is currently the UK’s second best-selling game in 2018.

spider-man legacy

Insomniac Developers Discuss Spider-Man’s Legacy

The team definitely rose to the occasion to deliver something remarkable.

marvels spider-man patch notes

Here are the Patch Notes for Marvel’s Spider-Man Version 1.06

That’s a lot of fixes!