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jump force naruto

Jump Force Adds a Slew of Naruto Characters

Hope you guys like Naruto!

pixeljunk monsters 2 dlc

A New Pixeljunk Monsters 2 Update Makes Playing Online Much More Convenient

It’s Tiki Time!

conception plus demo

Free Conception Plus Demo Launched in Japan

There’s still no word on whether the remaster will release in Western territories.

Jump Force Story

Join Jump Force With This New Story Trailer

Make the ultimate manga fighter.

jump force deku

Jump Force Officially Adds My Hero Academia’s Deku

Insert obligatory “plus ultra” reference here.

Jump Force Characters

More Jump Force Characters Confirmed From One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Bleach

I am here for Trunks.

Get to Know More About Arfie, Conception Plus’ New Heroine

A New Challenger Approaches!

Jump Force One Piece Stage

Jump Force’s Newest Stage Is Marineford from One Piece

It’s a great time to be a pirate!

jump force asta

Black Clover’s Asta Is the Latest Fighter to Join Jump Force

Who could they possibly announce next?

zanki zero western release date

The Creators of Danganronpa are Bringing Zanki Zero to the West in March 2019

Do what it takes to survive.

steins gate elite livestream

Spike Chunsoft is Running a Special Steins;Gate Elite Livestream

Okay, but when’s Steins;Gate Mystery Dungeon?

danganronpa trilogy

Danganronpa Trilogy Announced for the PlayStation 4, Coming March 2019

Includes Trigger Happy Havoc, Goodbye Despair, and Killing Harmony.

jump force trailer

Check Out the Jump Force Rurouni Kenshin Characters in Action

More over-the-top action awaits.

jump force dragon ball

Cell and Piccolo Are Officially Joining the Insanity That Is Jump Force

Yes, more Dragon Ball characters.

jump force ultimate edition

Preorder the Jump Force Ultimate Edition to Play It Early

Giving you an edge in the competition.

Jump Force Rurouni Kenshin images

First Jump Force Rurouni Kenshin Screenshots Stay True to the Characters

Can you pass the Shishio?

Jump Force characters

Are You Ready to Face Cell and Piccolo in Jump Force?

This is amazing, this is incredible.


The STEINS;GATE ELITE Release Trailer for the PlayStation 4 Packs Lovely Visuals

Just look at that lab coat flow.

Saint Seiya Is Joining Jump Force

Manga’s biggest crossover gets a little bit bigger.

Steins Gate Elite US Release Date

Steins;Gate Elite Release Date Set for February 2019

If we could really time travel, we would have Steins;Gate Elite by now.