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Yoshida Promises Improvements to the Final Fantasy XIV Housing Situation

The developers knowledge the plot shortages.

lost sphear review

Japanese Demo for Lost Sphear is Now Available

If you want to give this RPG a try as soon as possible, here’s your chance.

Final Fantasy 14 Patch

Check Out a Gallery of Final Fantasy XIV Version 4.1 Screenshots

Soon you’ll be able to return to Ivalice.

dissidia final fantasy nt multiplatform

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Will Not Go Multiplatform

Dissidia NT will be staying a PS4 exclusive.

Secret of Mana launch trailer

Secret of Mana Remake Preview — Lacking Polish (PS4)

Is the facelift a good thing?

Secret of Mana Screenshots

The Latest Batch of Secret of Mana Screenshots Show Off the Game’s New Artstyle

Are you excited about this remake yet?

Ultimecia Dissidia

Ultimecia Gets Announced in Latest Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Trailer

Get ready to lob magical spells from afar.

final fantasy 15 art book

The Art and Design of Final Fantasy XV Revealed by Cook and Becker

This new art book by Cook and Becker will be a fantastic addition to your collection.

final fantasy 15 sequel

Tabata Says Not to Expect Final Fantasy XV-2

Don’t bank on a trilogy for this Final Fantasy title.

Cloud Gaming Service Shinra to Be Shut Down, Square Enix Confirms

No, not that Shinra.

Three Timeless Classics Rated for PS3

Never before has there been such an abundance of nostalgic gaming availableRead the full article…