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super robot wars t trailer

Meet Super Robot T’s Original Characters

So much giant robot action in one clip.

super robot wars t ps4

Super Robot Wars T Is Coming to the PS4 in 2019 and Bringing Cowboy Bebop With It

More mechs, coming at ya!

super robot wars livestream

A Big Super Robot Wars Livestream is Set for Later This Month

That extra hour is either a game announcement or a full routine from Gattsukitaika.

Super Robot Wars X Cybuster gameplay

See Masaki Andoh’s Cybuster in Action at the Newest Super Robot Wars X Gameplay Trailer

Unlockable early if you purchase the game early.

Super Robot Wars X Chapter 2 sneak peek

Watch the Sneak Peek of Super Robot Wars X’s Second Chapter

Starring Wataru.

Super Robot Wars X English Trailer 2

Bandai Namco Published Super Robot Wars X’s Second Trailer in English

It’ll be available in Southeast Asia.

Super Robot Wars X Chapter 1 sneak peek

Have a Sneak Peek of Super Robot Wars X’s First Chapter in Japanese Language

An English release is in the works too, by the way.

Super Robot Wars X trailer 2 - new character Iori Iolite

Second Super Robot Wars X Trailer Published, Reveals the Game’s Original Characters

It’s a world of fantasy.

Super Robot Wars X logo

Super Robot Wars X Announced for PS4 and Vita

English version also confirmed in Asia.

Super Robot Wars logo

Bandai Namco Publishes Teaser of a New Super Robot Wars

With an Asian English version possible from the get-go too?

Super Robot Wars V Announced for PS4 and Vita, English Subtitles Included in Asian Release

Features “spectacular mech battles.”

Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers English Trailer

Love that region freedom.

10 Import-Friendly PS4 Games Worth Playing

More imports, no problem.