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Supermassive Games new game

Supermassive Games Has ‘Several Unannounced PlayStation Exclusives’ in Development

No plans to cease psychologically torturing people.

Bandai Namco Conjures Up New Information on The Dark Pictures – Man of Medan

You can feel the chill in the air.

man of medan playtime

A Playthrough of Supermassive’s Man of Medan Lasts Roughly 4 Hours

Of course, playtime varies based on the game’s decision-making components.

Dark pictures anthology man of medan supermassive games

Why the Dark Pictures Anthology isn’t Building a Shared Universe With Man of Medan

It helps the player better create their own unique story within the universe.

the dark pictures horror anthology

Supermassive Aims to Scare You Over and Over With The Dark Pictures

Gaming is about to get real spooky.

shattered state

Until Dawn Developer Trademarks ‘Shattered State’ as gamescom Teases ‘Huge’ Surprises

Tune in on Tuesday, August 21.

Bravo Team Review – Shooting Blanks (PSVR)

One of the worst VR games yet.

bravo team psvr

Supermassive Games’ PSVR Shooter Bravo Team Out Today

Watch the launch trailer!

Bravo Team commercial

Bravo Team Commercial Shows Off PSVR’s Next Big Release

From the developers of Until Dawn.

bravo team psvr

Supermassive Games’ PSVR Shooter Bravo Team Gets Immersive New Trailer

Out next week.

bravo team trophies

Bravo Team Trophies Include a Platinum, View Full List

Out in March.

the inpatient launch trailer

Watch The Inpatient Launch Trailer to Learn More About the Until Dawn Prequel

It’s out today!

The Inpatient Review – The Doctor Will See You Now (PSVR)

It’s time for your treatment.

The Inpatient Trophy List Revealed, Has a Platinum to Earn

There are a ton of spoilers for twists and choices in the game.

the inpatient launch trailer

Until Dawn Prequel The Inpatient Gets New Trailer

It’s out later this month!

The Inpatient psvr

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Until Dawn Prequel The Inpatient

Are you excited?

Bravo Team Aim Controller Bundle Coming Alongside the Game Next Year

More PSVR games are supporting the gun controller.

bravo team psvr

Supermassive Games’ PSVR Shooter Bravo Team Delayed Until March

Supermassive needed more time.

The Inpatient psvr

Until Dawn Prequel The Inpatient Delayed Until January

A big blow to Sony’s holiday line-up.

Hidden Agenda Review – Party Crime (PS4/PlayLink)

When a crime thriller becomes a party game.