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apex legends china

Report: Tencent in Talks With EA to Release Apex Legends in China

Apex Legends is already breaking Fortnite’s Twitch records.

lawbreakers publisher

Nexon Founder Reportedly Selling Controlling Stake, EA and Tencent in List of Potential Buyers

That came out of nowhere.

chinese game freeze

China Approves 80 Games After Lifting Freeze But the List Doesn’t Include Any Tencent Titles Yet

Chinese giant Tencent lost billions in value following the freeze.

square enix aaa games

Square Enix Announces Strategic Alliance With Chinese Company Tencent to Co-Develop AAA Games

Games will be based on new and existing IPs.

J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams Forms Games Company in Partnership With Tencent

[Insert lens flare joke]

vivendi ubisoft

Vivendi Sells its Entire 27% Share of Ubisoft

Tencent is now involved with Ubisoft.

Smite Patch

Smite Update 3.12 Is Live for PlayStation 4

That lobster skin is just fabulous.

Rumor: Tencent in Negotiations to Hire Kojima

It has not been confirmed yet.