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The Crew 2 DLC

Learn About The Crew 2’s Fancy New Cars in the January Vehicle Drop

Season Pass owners get early access!

The Crew 2 Free Weekend Revs Up Tomorrow, With Huge Discounts Incoming

Come on, and take a free ride!

the crew 2 demolition derby

PvP and Demolition Derbies Heading to The Crew 2

It’s not the county fair, but it’s close enough.

the crew 2 gator rush

Gator Rush Brings Hovercrafts to The Crew 2

The Crew 2 is basically Diddy Kong Racing now, without the googly eyes.

the crew 2 gator rush

Hovercrafts in the Deep South are all Part of The Crew 2’s Free Update

Gators, hovercrafts, and swamps. What more could you ask?

crew 2 flash sale

Save Some Cash on The Crew 2 During Play-Asia’s Flash Sale

The irony of importing a game about open world America is not lost on us.

ubisoft ps4 sales

PlayStation 4 Continues to Dominate Ubisoft Sales

The publisher is beyond pleased with its continued growth.

Japanese Software Sales Chart

Japanese Sales Chart Has a New Arrival – The Crew 2

Nothing beats Mario Tennis Aces, it seems.

the crew 2 bug

The Crew 2 Bug Continues to Prevent Some PS4 Users from Playing

If you live in the Eastern European region, there may be no hope for you.

the crew 2 review

The Crew 2 Review – America the Playground (PS4)

This time around, Ivory Tower brought a bunch more toys.

The Crew 2 released

The Crew 2 Has Arrived, Let the Racing Begin

I’m gonna grab a plane and win. Just saying.

The Crew 2 bug

Nasty The Crew 2 Bug Prevents Players From Even Starting the Game, Crashes on Startup

Appears to affect PS4 players in the Eastern European region.

The Crew 2 Launch Trailer released

The Crew 2 Launch Trailer, Gold Edition Arrives

Let’s kick into high gear.

The Crew 2 Open Beta is today

The Crew 2 Open Beta Starts Today

Getting ready to jump in? It’s time.

E3 2018: The Crew 2 Gameplay Trailer, Open Beta Coming Soon

Floor it!

the crew 2 season pass

Ubisoft Details Post-Launch Content for The Crew 2

Major free updates every three months.

the crew 2 beta gameplay

Check Out Some Offroad Racing Footage From The Crew 2 Closed Beta

Get a look at some offroad racing.

the crew 2 closed beta

The Crew 2 Closed Beta Begins at the End of May

Experience all types of vehicles!

the crew 2 beta

Signups Open Now for The Crew 2 Beta

Calling all cars, calling all cars…

the crew 2 release date

The Crew 2 Release Date Revealed, Launching in Late June

After tons of speculation as to when the game would release, UbisoftRead the full article…