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the division 2 beta dates

Here’s When The Division 2’s Open Beta Takes Place

Now everyone can experience post-apocalyptic D.C.

the division 2 open beta

It Looks Like The Division 2’s Getting an Open Beta

No official confirmation yet, though.

the division 2 gameplay

The Division 2 Lets You Change Subtitle Size, UI Contrast, and More

Hopefully these features continue to become standard.

division 2 private beta

Ubisoft Shares Tips to Avoid ‘Known Issues’ in The Division 2’s Private Beta

Ubisoft has addressed two important issues that may occur.

the division 2 private beta preload

Start Preloading The Division 2’s Private Beta Now

The beta has a sizable download size.

The Division 2 politics

Will the Lack of The Division 2 Politics and Political Messaging Impact the Game?

Base of operations may be the White House, but that’s as political as it gets.

The Division 2 endgame hands on preview 2

The Division 2 Endgame Leans Heavily into the Post-Outbreak DC RPG – Hands-On Preview

Just when you think you’re done, a new enemy faction and new RPG mechanics appear.

The Division 2 Beta

Ubisoft Apologizes for Government Shutdown Joke in Email Promo

Still not political?

the division 2 private beta

The Division 2’s Private Beta Will Give Players a First Look at Endgame Content

Fight for D.C. before anyone else.

the division 2 campaign

The Division 2 Will Feature Multiple Dark Zones, Story Mode Will Be Roughly 40 Hours

Play campaign solo or cooperatively.

Division 2 pvp

The Division 2’s Dark Zone Will be ‘Lucrative’ For People Playing Alone

If you’re a lone wolf, not to fear.

the division 2 beta dates

The Division 2’s Private Beta Begins in February, so Sign Up Now

Buy it early, or not.

PlayStation Games 2019

Sony Shows Off What’s in Store for the PS4 with ‘Coming Attractions’

2019 and beyond!

the division 2 private beta

Preorder Mountain Dew Game Fuel to Gain Access to The Division 2’s Private Beta

Each pack of Mountain Dew in the promotion costs $20.

the division 2 technical alpha

Some People Will Get to Play a Closed Technical Alpha for The Division 2 This Weekend

Only a select few players will be invited to join.

The Division 2 factions

You Best Not Sneeze Around The True Sons in The Division 2

“Gesundheit” translates to gunfire.

the division developer

Massive Entertainment COO Believes Politics in Games Are ‘Bad for Business’

Making its stance known.

the division free weekend

The Division Free Weekend Begins September 14, 2018

Everyone’s favorite kind of weekend: free!

The Division support

Ubisoft Massive Believes The Division and The Division 2 Can Co-Exist

Ubisoft Massive plans to continue supporting The Division.

the division 2 setting

The Division 2 Could Have Been Set in Seattle or New Orleans

D.C.’s varied landscape helped seal the deal.