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Danger Zone 2 Review

Danger Zone 2 Review – Metal Under Tension (PS4)

Jumpin’ off the track.

danger zone 2

Criterion Founders Announce Two New Racing Games

Both games have that Burnout look.

Danger Zone Launch Date Announced, Available Digitally for PS4 on May 30

Crash and burn!

Burnout Creators Announce Danger Zone, A Car Crash Game for PS4 & PC

It’s a spiritual successor to Burnout 3’s Crash Mode.

Lethal VR Review – Set Phasers to Stun (PSVR)

They must be using rubber bullets.

Arcade Style Shooter Lethal VR Coming to PSVR & HTC Vive Later This Year

The Burnout spiritual successor is still in development.

Dangerous Golf Hasn’t Sold as Well as Expected

It’s living dangerously.

Dangerous Golf Update Today Adds Fast Restarts, Improves Frame-Rate

You’ll also find a new control system and more.

Dangerous Golf Releases on June 3, New Video Showcases Gameplay

Learn about the co-op and online modes.

Dangerous Golf Announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC From Former Burnout Developers

The focus is on damage, rather than making par.

Three Fields: If You Liked Burnout & BLACK, “You Might Just Like This First Game We’ve Made”

Three Fields is made up of ex-Criterion Games staff.

Burnout Spiritual Successor Being Worked on by Former Criterion Devs, Will Be Based on Burnout 3

So, no open world structure, then?

Former Criterion Developers Working on Burnout Spiritual Successor for PS4, PlayStation VR Support Possible

It will be a successor to Burnout 2, 3, or Revenge, but not Paradise.

Former Burnout Devs Say First PS4, Xbox One, and PC Game Coming in Spring of 2016

Will be an innovative sports game.

Former Burnout Dev Teases “Another Burnout Type Game” on Twitter

Burnout type of game? Yes, please!