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Lost Sphear Review – Save Precious Memories (PS4)

Return lost memories and save the world.

Lost Sphear theme

View the Dynamic Lost Sphear PS4 Theme You Get for Preordering

Plus listen to songs from its soundtrack!

Lost SPhear soundtrack

Preview Two Songs From the Lost Sphear Soundtrack

The songs will be a pre-order bonus.

Lost SPhear soundtrack

Lost Sphear Demo Available Now, Watch a Message from the Dev Team

Will you download the demo?

lost sphear review

Japanese Demo for Lost Sphear is Now Available

If you want to give this RPG a try as soon as possible, here’s your chance.

lost sphear review

Lost Sphear Preview — Finding Memories (PS4)

How can memories be real if brains aren’t real?

Lost SPhear soundtrack

Lost Sphear Gameplay Trailer Welcomes You to the World, Showcases Battles

You can pre-order a physical version from Square Enix.

I Am Setsuna Follow-Up Lost Sphear Releasing in the West on January 23, 2018

Americas and Europe get it on the same day.

Official Website Details Lost Sphear’s World and Characters

Learn who you’ll be dealing with.

I Am Setsuna Developer Announces Lost Sphear for PS4, Switch & PC

Tokyo RPG Factory’s latest will arrive in early 2018.

Don’t Expect a Direct Sequel to I Am Setsuna

That isn’t a bad thing, though.

I Am Setsuna Review – Gentle Heartbreak (PS4)

Gentle, but sometimes infuriating.

I Am Setsuna – Everything You Need to Know

Seriously, this is all you need to know about I Am Setsuna before it releases next week.

I Am Setsuna Gets an English Gameplay Trailer, $39.99 Price Tag

The RPG launches this July.

I Am Setsuna Releases on July 19 for PS4 & PC

Watch the teaser trailer.

Square Enix: I Am Setsuna PS Vita Version in the West Would Be Considered “If There Is a Swell of Demand”

They wanted to focus on the bigger screens for the Western release.

I Am Setsuna Coming to North America and Europe in Summer 2016 on PS4 & PC

Doesn’t look like the PS Vita version is coming to North America or Europe.

Sit Down, Watch Project Setsuna Gameplay

Settle in, it’s got some length to it.

TGS 2015: Project Setsuna Renamed Ikenie to Yuki No Setsuna, Releases on PS4 & PS Vita in 2016

Aims to bring the feel of other 1990s RPGs from Square Enix.

E3 2015 – Square Enix Announces New Tokyo RPG Factory Studio, Introduces New RPG

New RPG series revealed.