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Tokyo Xanadau EX+ Releases in December in North America

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Release Date Confirmed for December in North America

Check out the physical limited edition!

Tokyo Xanadu Review

Tokyo Xanadu Review – There Really Is an App for That (Vita)

Nihon Falcom set out to create something completely different from Ys. Mission accomplished.

Tokyo Xanadu for PS Vita, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for PS4 & PC Are Coming West This Year

Each will have a limited edition available physically.

2017 Vita Games Preview – 20 Worth Anticipating

The Vita is doing pretty good for a dead console!

Japanese Games 2017

Your One-Stop Guide to Japanese Games Coming West in 2017

Make sure your Vita is charged and updated and get your Japanese gaming on!

Tokyo Xanadu Heading to North America in Early 2017 for PS Vita & PC

Aksys is trying to localize Hakuouki: Sweet School Life.

Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Sales Rise by 42,000, PlayStation Rules Top 5 in Software

Mad Max doesn’t seem happy with an 11th place debut.

Tokyo Game Show Awards – Best & Worst

The podcast names Best, Biggest Letdown, Least Charted, Darkest Soul, and more.

Check Out a Boss Battle in Tokyo Xanadu

Falcom knows what’s up.

9 PS4 & Vita Games: Quick Impressions

The good, the bad, and the hard to tell.

Tokyo Xanadu Obligatory Bath Scenes (and 32 Other Screenshots)

There’s always one, isn’t there?

Check Out Both Games in Konami’s TGS Lineup

No no, don’t reach for your reading glasses. This won’t take long.

Tokyo Xanadu Full 5-Minute Trailer

Nihon Falcom’s action RPG finally gets a lengthy video.

20 Tokyo Xanadu Screenshots of Alternate Outfits, Characters

Vita JRPG due out at the end of next month.

Meet Tomoaki and Morimaru in Vita RPG Tokyo Xanadu

One looks like I kinda wanna punch him.

20 Tokyo Xanadu Images Show New Characters, Sweet Battle Moves

Vita-exclusive game due this fall in Japan.

29 Screenshots, Info Bits for Tokyo Xanadu

Learn a little bit about Nihon Falcom’s next Vita action RPG.

Nihon Falcom Unveils PS Vita JRPG Tokyo Xanadu, First Screenshots Revealed

Coming to Japan this summer.