Comic Con 2010 Has a Sweet Tooth for Twisted Metal

David Jaffe’s Twisted Metal announcement was one of the big surprises of Sony’s E3 2010 Press Conference. After years of rumors and Jaffe personally denying the existence of the title, it was finally unveiled in one of the most memorable ways imaginable. Although the game has a scheduled 2011 release date, many have been craving new information which according to recent information will be sooner rather than later.

by Jonathan Leack
July 4th, 2010

Win: Manic Monkey Mayhem Mini Giveaway

With E3 having come and gone, the madness and mayhem of games being shown and announced may be over, but PlayStation LifeStyle wants to share some manic mayhem with you. PSLS will be giving away a bunch of Manic Monkey Mayhem codes on our official Twitter, courtesy of the developer, The Code Monkey.

by Sebastian Moss
June 26th, 2010

Kojima Ends Possible PlayStation 3 Exclusive Rumor

Recently, there was a rumor which emerged indicating that famed developer, Hideo Kojima, would unveil a new PlayStation 3 exclusive at the upcoming gaming expo, Tokyo Game Show. The Metal Gear creator has all but ended the speculation regarding if the rumor was correct.

by Zak Islam
June 20th, 2010
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