Uncharted 2

Has Uncharted 2 Achieved Game of The Year Status?

When Naughty Dog unleashed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves upon the PlayStation gaming universe last October, it effectively turned the series into not only a juggernaut franchise on the PlayStation 3 but across the entire gaming community as a whole. It won dozens of awards along with the prestigious PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year award. In this day and age, when a developer releases a GOTY quality title, that can only mean one thing: A re-release later that next year, under the GOTY label and all the DLC it can squeeze on a Blu-Ray disc. It seems Nathan Drake has discovered his own Game of the Year Edition and for those who have missed out on this masterpiece of a game, it’s now…or never.

by Thomas Williams
September 3rd, 2010

PlayStation LifeStyle Video Game Music Giveaway [Update]

Every truly amazing game needs an equally amazing soundtrack, one that effectively captures the emotion and excitement of the title, not only complementing the games tone, but also adding a whole new level of immersion and engagement. In recognition of video game music’s crucial place in the medium we love, PlayStation LifeStyle has teamed up with Sumthing.com to giveaway 3 copies of music from some of the PlayStation’s greatest games.

by Sebastian Moss
June 3rd, 2010
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