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Bayonetta and Vanquish PS4 Ports Spotted on Czech Retailer

Exciting news if true.

PlayStation Releases and PSN Store Must Buys for August 9-August 16, 2016

Your universe awaits.

Tomorrow on NA PS Plus: Vanquish and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X Free

Butt slide your worries away.

Batman: Arkham City, LIMBO, Vanquish and More Headed to EU PS Plus

MK Vita too.

Platinum Games’ Vanquish Arrives on the PlayStation Network Next Week

Now there’s no excuse not to own it.

Vanquish’s Boosters Run Out of Fuel

Platinum Games gained a boost in popularity after the release of BayonettaRead the full article…

Vanquish Was Almost a “Shadow Dancer”

Vanquish blended Japanese-style action games with western-style third-person shooters creating a uniqueRead the full article…

Get Vanquished on the Cheap

DARPA is waiting for you to suit up in their brand newRead the full article…

Vanquish Sales Leave Sega Feeling Encouraged

With Vanquish having only been on store shelves for around a week now, the Platinum Games developed, 3rd-person shooter has been doing rather well on the sales charts.

PS3 Review – Vanquish

“I hope you all get sucked in and have a blast playingRead the full article…

Platinum Looking to Renew Partnership with Sega

The publishing deal that Platinum Games and Sega inked is at its completion and has been mutually beneficial for both parties.

SEGA Electrifies Vanquish’s Release with Launch Trailer

Today signals the launch of Platinum Games’ latest hit titled Vanquish. ThisRead the full article…

Join DARPA’s Ranks with Vanquish Trophy List

With only two days remaining until gamers are able to fight backRead the full article…

Concerns Over Short Single Player Campaign ‘Vanquish’ed

Vanquish has gained popularity since the first trailer debuted earlier in theRead the full article…

Zaitsev’s Mystery Suit in Stunning Detail Vanquishes Retinas

Sam Gideon of Vanquish should’ve had it easy. His Augmented Reaction SuitRead the full article…

Vanquish Gets Weapons Trailer

Platinum Games and famed developer Shinji Mikami’s upcoming over-the-top shooter, Vanquish, hasRead the full article…

Meet your Enemies with Vanquish Trailer and Screens

Sega has released a new trailer for Vanquish, the upcoming shooter from Platinum Games. In the trailer we get a look at many of the enemies that you will face when you suit up as Sam Giddeon. Along with this new trailer, Sega has also released a set of new screenshots for the game.

‘Vanquish’ Bayonetta for Free With This Killer Pre-Order Deal

Shinji Mikami’s take on Third-Person Shooters, Vanquish, looks to take the slow-paced feel of the genre and upgrade the speed and action to the nth degree. Don’t believe me? Go download the demo off the PSN or read our Hands-on impressions. For those of you who have already fallen in love with the game, Play.Com is offering a stellar pre-order that you shouldn’t miss!

Vanquish to Receive Second Demo after Launch

Fans of Platinum Games’ new acrobatic IP, Vanquish, have already had aRead the full article…

Sega Releases Vanquish Story Trailer

Although fans and gamers alike may be talking about Vanquish’s crazy over-the-topRead the full article…