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REPORT: EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game Being Developed by EA Vancouver (Update)

This is the game that was previously in development by Visceral.

More Than 1,000 Jobs Were Lost in the Games Industry Over the Past Year, 10 Studios Closed Doors

Telltale wasn’t the only casualty of poor management practices.

jack the ripper game

Former Visceral Devs Reveal That They Worked on a Jack the Ripper Game That EA Cancelled

Remember Blood Dust? It was a by-product of Jack the Ripper.

Star Wars games

Star Wars Rebels, Han & Chewie, and More: Four Star Wars Games We Want to See Made

May the four- yeah, you get it.

dead space 3 retrospective

Revisiting Dead Space 3, the Final Chapter in Visceral’s Space Oddity

Isaac’s story reached its end with an action-packed but no less enjoyable finale.

visceral games closure

Learn More about the Troubles with Visceral and its Stars Wars Title

The single player game faced development issues.

visceral games shut down

Electronic Art’s Stocks Tumble After Visceral’s Star Wars Title is Delayed

The stock will likely bounce back, though.

visceral games star wars

Visceral Games Star Wars Game Cancellation Details Begin to Emerge

No official reason why as of yet.

Rumor: Visceral’s Star Wars Game Will Give Players a Partner in Crime

We’ve got another hero!

ea star wars

Rumor: Hero of Visceral Star Wars Game is Named Dodger, Story Details Shared

That’s a lot of info.

ea star wars

EA Reveals Visceral Star Wars Game Will Be About Exploration

Also mentions BioWare’s new IP and Jade Raymond’s new game!

Visceral and Amy Hennig’s Untitled Star Wars Game Won’t Be a Carbon Copy of Uncharted

Licensed title described as “scrappy third-person action adventure experience.”

Electronic Arts’ Amy Hennig Talks About AAA Crunch

Few names are bigger in gaming than Amy Hennig, and now theRead the full article…

Battlefield 4 and Hardline 4XP Event Starts Now and Will Let You Rank Up Like Mad

Four times the chaos?!

PAX West Keynote Speaker Amy Hennig

Former Uncharted Creative Director to Give PAX West Keynote Speech

I’d like to hear Amy Hennig.

Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity Expansion Free for a Limited Time

Community Mission detailed, too!

visceral games closure

Amy Hennig’s Writing Process for Star Wars Will Be Similar to Uncharted, Concept Art Released

There are some clues in the images.

E3 2016 – Criterion Working on the Star Wars Battlefront VR Mission for PlayStation VR

The final Star Wars Battlefront expansion is moved up to December 2016.