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Nate Weiss Interview – Dev Talks Favorite Songbringer World Seeds, Legend of Zelda Influence

The one-man development studio talks creating a procedural game.

Songbringer PS4

Zelda Inspired Indie Songbringer Now Available on Xbox One and PC, PS4 on September 5th

We all have to wait 4 days. Boo.

Songbringer Review 1

Songbringer Review — Sci-Fi Psychedelic Zelda (PS4)

A bit of Zelda with a bit of a twist.

songbringer release

Songbringer Gets a Release Date in September

This action RPG will be coming sooner rather than later.

E3 2017 – Songbringer Preview – Glorious Pixel Art (PS4)

A stylish, procedurally-generated homage to Zelda, but with sci-fi twists!