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Yakuza 4 Remaster Release Date

Get a Better Look at Yakuza 4 Remaster With a Trailer and New Screenshots


yakuza 3 remaster

Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 Remasters Will Not Include Any Cut Content

Game is being made for new fans.

Yakuza 3 PS4 remaster

Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 Will Have Remasters Coming to PlayStation 4

All of the mainline games are now coming to PS4!

February 2015 PlayStation Plus Free Games in Europe Include Thief, Apotheon

Grab Rogue Legacy and Transistor as well.

February 2015 PlayStation Plus Free Games in North America Include Transistor, Rogue Legacy

You get two new releases for free.

PS3 Review – Yakuza 4

Yakuza 4 does not fail in these areas and even expands in a lot of ways but still has some nagging quirks that could really use a facelift.

Incredibly Devoted Fan Gets $9000 Yakuza 4 Tattoo

There are some fans of different products, franchises or characters who putRead the full article…

PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of March 14, 2011

Spring kicks off with a bang on the PlayStation 3 as THQ’sRead the full article…

See the Sights and Sounds of Yakuza 4 Kamurocho District

The release of Yakuza 4 is just around the corner, and thoseRead the full article…

Yakuza 4 Shipping With Loads of Extras

Kazuma Kiryu and company are coming close to bringing their fight stateside and Sega wants everyone to know that if you purchase Yakuza 4 brand new, you will be rewarded.

Yakuza 4 Translates A Ton of Cutscenes

We know one for sure as the BBFC rating for Yakuza 4 has revealed the game has 384 minutes worth of cutscene goodness.

Yet Another Demo Coming To Plus Members First

With each passing month, PlayStation Plus content is getting better and better.Read the full article…

Yakuza 4 Gets New Trailer, North American and European Release Dates

Sega has just announced the North American and European release dates forRead the full article…

Yakuza 4 Set to Break the Law From the Inside

Masayoshi Tanimura is the 4th playable character in Yakuza 4 and leads a slightly different life from the rest as he is indeed a cop.

Any Cuts to Yakuza 4 Will be “Nothing Like Yakuza 3”

When Yakuza 3 was finally released to Western audiences this past Spring, gamers rejoiced at the release of a critically acclaimed, yet niche title. All was not well however, when Sega decided to cut a majority of the content. Will it happen again?

Yakuza 4 Puts Finishing Move on New Screens

Yakuza 4 is a game that I have been eagerly anticipating since I played 3 earlier this year. What I played at E3 was a lot of fun with four different characters that you could now control, all with their own distinct fighting style. Sega has decided to wet our appetite even more for the game with a batch of 18 screenshots.

The Yakuza are Heading West and Have a Video to Prove It

It has taken Sega awhile to admit it but today they have revealed that Yakuza 4 will be heading west in 2011. This is great news for fans of the series as previous entry Yakuza 3 was a very solid package and Sega has already said 4 will be the best yet. With this announcement Sega has released a brand new US trailer for the game that is sure to impress.

Shoot Outs, Torture and Ramen, A Day in the life of Yakuza 4

The life of a Yakuza is tough, dangerous and potentially short lived. One thing SEGA teaches us is that no matter how rough it gets, there’s no reason why you can’t stay incredibly well dressed as you roam the streets of Kamurocho.

Yakuza 4 Bringing Crime to the Western Hemisphere

SEGA had still not decided whether to give Yakuza 3 a releaseRead the full article…

The West Bows To Yakuza 3

Yakuza 3, the Japanese gangster themed title by Sega, was a phenomenalRead the full article…