Yakuza 4

PS3 Review – Yakuza 4

Yakuza 4 does not fail in these areas and even expands in a lot of ways but still has some nagging quirks that could really use a facelift.

by Cameron Teague
March 24th, 2011

Yakuza 4 Puts Finishing Move on New Screens

Yakuza 4 is a game that I have been eagerly anticipating since I played 3 earlier this year. What I played at E3 was a lot of fun with four different characters that you could now control, all with their own distinct fighting style. Sega has decided to wet our appetite even more for the game with a batch of 18 screenshots.

by Cameron Teague
October 3rd, 2010

The Yakuza are Heading West and Have a Video to Prove It

It has taken Sega awhile to admit it but today they have revealed that Yakuza 4 will be heading west in 2011. This is great news for fans of the series as previous entry Yakuza 3 was a very solid package and Sega has already said 4 will be the best yet. With this announcement Sega has released a brand new US trailer for the game that is sure to impress.

by Cameron Teague
September 4th, 2010
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