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Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition Races up Bestseller List

July 18, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

Many believe that the hype for Gran Turismo 5 has begun to kick into a low gear and slow to a halt, all in thanks to an extremely drawn out development cycle and the fact that GT5: Prologue released over 2 years ago. However, according to recent sales data, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all and instead Gran Turismo 5 is on course to top the PlayStation 3 bestsellers list on one major online retailer.

The Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition, has just taken a pit stop in the #3 spot on Amazon’s PS3 bestseller list. At a price of $99.99 it’s shocking to see the collector’s edition of the game speed past many hot new and upcoming releases like NCAA Football 11, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Madden NFL 11. Gran Turismo 5 collector’s edition is hot on the tails of the years biggest PlayStation 3 titles, God of War III and Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption.

Since this Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition is likely to be extremely rare and hard to find on release date (remember how difficult it was to find a God of War III Ultimate Edition on release?), we highly recommend that you head on over to Amazon now, and pre-order your copy of Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition, before¬†Amazon waives the checkered flag on pre-orders.

Gran Turismo 5 releases on the PS3 this November 2nd.