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Thank you for visiting PlayStationLifeStyle.net your source for PlayStation related News, Rumors, Reviews, Media, Trophy Guides, and more…

PlayStationLifeStyle was created in March of 2008, with one goal in mind…  to provide PlayStation coverage, to an audience that lives and breathes PlayStation.  PlayStation is more than just a brand, or a console, it’s a ‘LifeStyle’.  Since then, we have grown considerably and have re-focused on creating a thriving community for our avid readers to discuss the life that surrounds PlayStation.

PlayStationLifeStyle was founded by Anthony Severino, a life long gamer with no bias against other consoles, just a preference for Sony electronics, and the PlayStation brand.  Anthony started his gaming career with the NES, and has owned every gaming console since.  Anthony’s passion for the PlayStation community drove him to create a simple wordpress blog, which over time, garnered more attention and transformed to the brand you see today.  Anthony is a family man, who loves his wife, and his most proud accomplishment, his daughter, who was born on September 5, 2008.

Anthony has compiled a staff that consists of talented individuals from around the United States, whom aren’t just colleagues anymore, they have become friends, or even more so, like family.  The staff has a general fun-loving, mischievous attitude, which we all hope shows in our work.  Speaking of work, we wouldn’t call this work, instead we call it fun that requires effort.  We all enjoy what we do, and are proud to give our readers the best of ourselves.

We are gamers first and foremost, and journalists second.  Our passion for gaming is what separates us from the other gaming publications out there.  We think like gamers do, we know what you want to read, because that is what we would want to read, we even have been known to game with our readers.

Our goal, is for every time you visit http://www.playstationlifestyle.net you feel as though, the staff is just like you…   PlayStation gamers, living the life that goes along with being a PlayStation gamer.

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