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Now loading PS5 launch titles PlayStation 5 launch lineup

Now Loading: We Pick Our PS5 Launch Lineup, Most Wanted PS5 Launch Titles

What game would you like to see launch with the PS5?

Pennsylvania violent video game tax mature rated video game sin tax

Pennsylvania Legislators Propose a ‘Sin Tax’ on Mature Video Games

This would fall into the same category as taxes on cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, and pornography.

PS5 Development

SIE’s First-Party Studios Supposedly Shifting to PS5 Development as Dev Kits Are Going Out to Developers

Next generation is approaching fast.

Destiny 3 bungie activision split

Destiny 3 Needs to Happen More Than Ever After the Bungie Activision Split

Now Bungie can create a game that’s purely theirs.

PS5 rumor

One Dev Doesn’t Think PS5 Will Be Solely Digital and Wants Cartridges Instead of Discs

The PS5 will likely accept physical media, so don’t expect video games to abandon discs just yet.

PSLS Game of the Year Awards 2018 Best Publisher

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Best Publisher Winner

Which publisher impressed us most this year?

PSLS Game of the Year awards 2018 Biggest Surprise

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Biggest Surprise Winner

What were the moments that shocked you most?

playstation 5 tech

Sony Job Listing May Hint at PlayStation 5 Priorities and Tech

There goes Sony with its head in the clouds.

favorite the game awards 2018 reveals

Now Loading – What Were Your Favorite The Game Awards 2018 Reveals?

Was it CTR? Dragon Age? Or something else?

playstation 5

Looks Like Shawn Layden Is Teasing PlayStation Announcement(s) for 2019

“See you in the new year.”

everything revealed at the game awards 2018 reveals

Here’s Everything That Was Revealed at The Game Awards 2018

It was a night full of big reveals.

dragon age 4

Rumor: Dragon Age 4 Will Be Revealed at The Game Awards

Get ready for another trip back to Thedas.

PlayStation 5 release date

RUMOR: PlayStation 5 Reveal and Release Schedule Leaked, Along With PSVR 2 Details and a Ton More

Can we find a grain of truth in maelstrom of next-gen rumor madness?

PlayStation 5 PS5 Square Enix 1

REPORT: Square Enix Dev’s LinkedIn Seemingly Confirms the PlayStation 5

These next-gen rumblings are growing thunderous.

The Elder Scrolls VI PlayStation 5

Dev Slips Up, Admits The Elder Scrolls VI Might Be a PlayStation 5 and Next-Gen Game

We need more power!

PlayStation 5 Related Job Listings Point Towards the Future

Assemble the crew.

rocksteady justice league rumor

Rumor: Latest Rocksteady Rumblings Suggest Justice League Is in Development for the PS5

These rumors have grown to almost the size of Superman’s chin.

Erebus Isn’t the PlayStation 5 Codename

So what is the PS5 codename?

playstation 5 codename

Has the PS5 Codename Been Uncovered?

Hello, (god of) darkness my old friend.

Death Stranding Release

Rumor: An Industry Analyst Believes Death Stranding Release Likely on PS4 and PS5

If true, Death Stranding might be one of the PS5’s most anticipated titles already.