The Unfinished Swan Developers Announce Their Next PlayStation Game, Tentatively Titled “Edith Finch”

March 20, 2013Written by Jason Dunning

Giant Sparrow, the team behind the colorful and high-scoring The Unfinished Swan, have revealed to the world that their next game is in development, with a working title of Edith Finch (Editor’s Note: They sure like birds).

This announcement comes via their blog where they talk a little bit about the new project:

When you make games about evoking a sense of discovery and wonder the publicity part of it is a little tricky. If we don’t say anything then no one knows the game exists, but if we talk about it too much then no one is going to be surprised when they actually play it.

That’s why for our next game we’re going to start talking about it early but in broad strokes. Our last game took us a little over 3 years to make so as you can imagine we’re still in a very early phase on this new one. We’re pretty excited about it though and wanted to share some of that enthusiasm along with a piece of concept art (see above).

Mostly, we just wanted to answer all the fans who have been asking us if we’re working on anything new. The answer is “yes,” by the way. The working title is “Edith Finch” and there’s no release date or platforms announced.

While platforms haven’t been announced, you can bet that it will only be on a PlayStation system. For The Unfinished Swan, Sony signed an “incubation deal” with the developer, where they gave Giant Sparrow funding, office space, equipment and advice, and it doesn’t look like that deal has ended. The job listing on their site includes the following:

NOTE: (at Sony’s request) we are ONLY considering candidates with at least 2 years of experience in a production role at a developer or publisher.

And for the job itself:

Working with Sony – responding to requests from our external producers and keeping them up-to-date

If you’re thinking this might be a continuation of The Unfinished Swan, or possibly a game similar in tone, Giant Sparrow said “it’s not a sequel to The Unfinished Swan but it’s not a million miles away either. If you like surreal experiences and games that aren’t much like anything you’ve ever played before then you’ll probably like it.”

Are you going to keep an eye on this game? Which system(s) do you think it will appear on? Let us know in the comments below.

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