PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: November 2nd & 3rd, 2013 – Extra Life Edition

November 1, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Some very brave members of the PSLS staff will be playing games for 25 hours straight this weekend for the Extra Life charity marathon, which you’ll be able to watch in our livestream tomorrow.

Here’s what they, as well as the rest of us, will be playing this weekend:

Anthony Severino – Taking a Break (@Sev_Anthony)

For the first weekend in almost two months, I will not be playing ANY games. I need a break from all the weekend reviews I’ve had to do. Especially before the two new consoles launch and I’m completely swamped with reviews again. This weekend and next will be a short breather. Then I get my PS4 on [CENSORED] and will have to hustle to get a hardware review out, along with software.

Cameron Teague – Guide My Fate (@Cameron_PSLS)

The Guided Fate Paradox for review, Batman: Arkham Origins for fun, and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for 100% trophy completion.

Chandler Wood – Platinums Incoming (@FinchStrife)

With the Extra Life charity marathon going on, I will be playing quite a bit!

I am aiming to Platinum at least three games tomorrow (Far Cry 3, Hotline Miami, and Tomb Raider) and work on the trophies for many more. I also have yet to touch Beyond: Two Souls, Puppeteer, or Okami HD, all of which I purchased recently and this marathon seems like the perfect excuse to start playing those.

When it comes to the multiplayer games, I know that Dan, Louis and I are planning on hopping into GTA Online at some point. If you want to support us in our Extra Life endeavors, you can view our team page here and my personal donation page here. Oh and don’t forget to visit PSLS tomorrow to check out the livestream!

Dan Oravasaari – Secretive (@FoolsJoker)

Tomorrow I will be joining Chandler and Louis in raising funds for Extra Life, so make sure to join us and show your support – be sure to tell your friends. Also, Bad Gamers and something that I’d have to kill you if i told you, or at least ask you nicely to not tell anyone.

Jason Dunning – Shhh (@Jasonad21)

Since I can’t fathom playing games for 25 hours straight after working so much this past week, I’ll probably take a quiet weekend and not really play any games, though I might finally give Trine 2 a shot at some point.

Louis Edwards – Smithers! (@ftwrthtx)

As an Extra Life participant, I’ll be spending the day tomorrow (and into Sunday morning) playing a laundry list of games. This will include GTA V, Battlefield 4, maybe some Dead Island, and quite a few others. I’ll be streaming my gameplay via my UStream channel, but I may have to silence it when I play a couple of games that I can’t mention. Hopefully while playing GTA Online with Dan and Chandler I won’t have to resort to jacking a jet and blowing Dan to smithereens, but he has mentioned driving over me, so that jet just might be a viable option.

On a more serious note, please take the time to stop by any one of our team members’ pages and give a little of your cash. Every little bit counts and the Children’s Miracle Network is a great cause. I have a previous personal experience with a hospital in Dallas with my oldest daughter, so please donate if you can.

Sebastian Moss – Anti-Social (@SebMoss)

I’ll be playing video games for 25 hours, but I won’t be streaming it or sharing it with anyone.

What are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.