PSLSSA: Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Free Multiplayer Week on Now in Europe, Later Today in North America

March 4, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


It seems as though the timing has changed for a few things surrounding Killzone: Shadow Fall this week, with the free multiplayer week that was supposed to start last night in North America being pushed back to today at around 2PM PST/5PM EST, most likely to coincide with the PlayStation Store update. Europe, however, doesn’t have this issue, with the free multiplayer week already available.

As for the two free maps that seemed like they’d be releasing for everyone today, those will only be available today in North America once the PlayStation Store updates this afternoon. Everyone in Europe will then have to wait until the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow to get the free maps. If you haven’t guessed, the maps will be a manual download through the PlayStation Store, rather than being given to you in a game update.

The Killzone Twitter account also confirmed that there’s no new Trophies associated with these maps, though there will be new trophies in the upcoming expansion for Shadow Fall. They then added that the DLC should be released in early April.

Are you going to be playing on those new Killzone: Shadow Fall maps this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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