Gold PS4 to Launch in Dubai for Over $13,000

September 10, 2014Written by Alex Co


Sony’s white PlayStation 4 Destiny console not exclusive enough for you? Then this might be more up your alley — provided you’re filthy rich, that is.

In Dubai, Jumbo Electronics is set to release a gold PS4 and Xbox One units at GAMES14. Crafted by Italian jeweler Gatti, each console will cost AED 49,999 or $13,600 in US currency. The consoles will feature a cut-and-craft gold case specially made for the consoles, with etching for the PlayStation and Xbox brands, as well as the Gatti brand.

You can check out more images of both gold consoles here.

Anyone interested in this? Not counting the price, does it look good or too gaudy?

[Source: Techview]