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Rumor: Big PS4 Exclusive Being Announced in December 2014

October 16, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


With the PlayStation Experience and 2014 VGAs/VGX taking place this December, we knew there was a good chance some new games would get revealed at one – or both – of the events.

Narrowing down one of the potential reveals, Gameblog France Co-Founder and Editor Julien Chièze took to Twitter and said we’ll learn about a big PS4 exclusive (translated from the original tweet):

I just learned the existence of big [exclusive] #PS4 which will engulf the internets in December. Be prepared.

Also from Gameblog France, Romain Mahut said (translated from the original tweet):

I know what it is and I can tell you that it will actually make a lot of noise (and do rager).

Additionally, while this could be about something completely different than what was teased above, Sean Murray of Hello Games (No Man’s Sky) sent out this tweet earlier in the month:

As of right now, these three tweets should be taken purely as rumors. When any new PlayStation 4 exclusives get announced, we’ll let you know.

What do you think this big PS4 exclusive might be?

[Source: Romain Mahut (Twitter), Julien Chièze (Twitter) via Gamepur]