PSN Down for Scheduled Maintenance Today/Tomorrow

October 30, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Likely coming as a result of the downtime experienced earlier this week (or to prep for the big Evolve alpha and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launch), Sony has announced that the PlayStation Network will be undergoing maintenance today, October 30, or tomorrow, October 31, depending on your timezone.

It’s only expected to be a two-hour maintenance, with the times as follows (only North America was included in the announcement, but it’s possible Europe will be undergoing maintenance as well):


  • 9pm PT on Thursday, October 30
  • 12am ET on Friday, October 31


  • 11pm PT on Thursday, October 30
  • 2am ET on Friday, October 31

Sony’s official message about the maintenance says this is being done “in order to continue to deliver you the best online games experience.”

If you’ve signed in to the PlayStation Network recently, you should be able to continue playing online, with Sony adding:

During this maintenance period, you may receive a message that states ‘Sony Entertainment Network is undergoing maintenance’ when attempting to access the PlayStation Store or PlayStation Home.

[Source: Ask PlayStation, PlayStation]