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SEGA Suffers $18 Million Loss in First Half of FY2015

November 2, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan


The first half of the current fiscal year hasn’t been great for SEGA as the company suffered an overall loss of ¥2 billion ($17.9 million). 

In the period ending September 30, 2014, SEGA raked ¥154.2 billion ($1.38 billion) in revenue, which is down five percent year-on-year. Operating profit was also down 72 per cent to ¥3.45 billion ($30.9 million). Less than a third of the total revenue came from SEGA’s game division. The company only released one console game in the second quarter of the year, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, which was a Japanese release during the accounting period. The game sold 230,000 units before the end of September. 

Much of the SEGA game division’s ¥48.2 billion ($439 million) revenue came from digital games, which accounted for ¥21.9 billion ($196 million) of the revenue figure. Packaged games brought in ¥15.3 billion ($137 million).

It’s worth noting that Alien: Isolation launched a week after the accounting period closed, so SEGA’s nine-month results are expected to be much better.

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