Evolve Update 2.0 on PS4, Xbox One & PC Out Now, Here’s All the Details

March 30, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


As expected, update 2.0 went live for Evolve on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC today, balancing the game on consoles, adding the new Observer Mode, adding DLC support for the new Hunters, Behemoth, and Maps, and much more.

Here’s the full list of patch notes from Turtle Rock Studios:

Patch Notes


  • Tier 4 Hunters: Torvald, Sunny, Slim, Crow
  • Behemoth
  • 2 New Maps for Xbox One (out April 30 on PS4, PC)
  • Updated Post-Round Replay Controls
  • Observer Tool
  • Audio Improvements to Dropship Conversations…there should be more of them playing now
  • Further Improvements to saving progression

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred if a player disconnected after using Plasma Blast
  • Fixed the tracking dart sound playing for monster when Abe darts wildlife
  • Fixed situations where AI sometimes fell through the world after using Teleport Gates
  • Fix rare crash when AIs would grapple the player
  • Fix rare crash when late-joining a game while another player was using personal shield or cloak
  • Fix rare server crash when a player disconnects while teleporting or gliding.
  • Fixed issue with playable Ebonstar Soldier

PlayStation 4 Only

  • Improved voice chat audio quality
  • Fixed issue where players could sometimes end up in the wrong game mode
  • Fixed issue where the server would not allow players to join in progress
  • Various progression balance changes — Same changes as Xbox One and PC in 1.1

Xbox One Only

  • Fixed issue that would keep a player from re-joining a game they were disconnected from
  • Fixed issue that would cause a player to become out of sync with other players in a match if they reconnected to a match

PC Only

  • Added protections against known cheats
  • Made improvements to alleviate of DXGI_DEVICE_ERROR_HUNG

While support was added for the DLC, the new Hunters and Monster won’t be available for purchase until Tuesday in North America and Wednesday in Europe. If you pre-ordered Evolve and don’t see Behemoth in your game, Turtle Rock suggests contacting your retailer to make sure you obtained a code.

And here’s everything you need to know about the balance changes:

All Monsters

  • Minor maintenance and improvements
  • All monsters can see recent damage on their health bar to help make burst damage visible


  • Fixing some flight edge cases that were causing inconsistencies making him too powerful or too weak depending on the situation.


  • Cooldown increased by one second.
  • Reduced knockback magnitude.

Tranq Darts, Stasis Grenades, Harpoons

  • Pull Kraken down at a consistent rate regardless of whether he is in combat or out of combat. (they used to stack outside of combat)
  • Kraken’s flight speed is no longer slowed by Tranqs since they pull him to the ground where running speed is affected.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing Aftershock to not break harpoon traps or Arc Mines.


  • Making her movement speed less bursty which makes her easier to keep track of. Making Supernova less lethal while still allowing it to be just as powerful. Making Warp Blast a damage dealer instead of a traversal mechanic.


  • Speed reduced 25%


  • Duration decreased by 50%


  • Wraith becomes visible for half a second when shot while cloaked.
  • Increased cooldown time by 2 seconds.

Warp Blast

  • Speed reduced by 40%
  • Range no longer levels up.
  • Radius levels up now.
  • Max travel distance set to 30 meters for all levels.
  • Damage increased by 10%


Arc Mine

  • Damage reduced by 20%
  • Fixed a bug where damage extended past the trigger radius.
  • Health reduced by 75%
  • Arm time increased by one second.


  • Making Toxic Grenade a more effective area of denial weapon while also making it less spammy. Buffing Hyde’s overall damage output.

Toxic Grenade

  • DPS increased by 50%
  • Added proximity detonation (works vs airborne Kraken now)
  • Reduced fire rate
  • Reduced lifetime by 15%


  • Accuracy increased by 25%
  • Damage increased by 20%


Multifire Rocket Launcher

  • Has better accuracy while jumping and jetpacking


Harpoon Traps

  • Arm time increased by one second.


Sound Spike

  • Now detects stealthing monsters within a 15 meter radius.
  • Radius increased from 50 to 60 meters.


Guided Missile Launcher

  • Damage increased 11%


Rail Cannon

  • Damage reduced by 30%
  • Reload time increased by 25%


  • Increasing her overall effectiveness.


  • Heals 20% faster
  • Consumes ammo 2.5x faster.


  • Duration increased to 10 seconds (was already 10 seconds on Wraith, now other monsters match)


Acceleration Field

  • Cooldown increased by 15 seconds.

How big of a download was today’s update for you?

[Source: Turtle Rock Studios]