Batman Arkham Knight Update Adds Big Head Mode, DLC Support

September 21, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Available now on PlayStation 4, the latest Batman: Arkham Knight update brings the total download to a reported 4.435GB.

In addition to support for the new DLC this month, the update adds Big Head Mode, which is activated the same way as in Arkham City: Hold down R2 + L2, then rotate the left stick clockwise and the right stick counter-clockwise. When activated, you’ll also notice some of the Batmobiles have their cabin roof removed.

Rocksteady actually teased Big Head Mode last week, with Rocksteady’s Gaz Deaves tweeting:

According to users over on the WB Forums with access to the Australian PlayStation Store, the new Batman: Arkham Asylum skin is a 13MB download, while the new Tumbler Batmobile is 590MB.

You’ll also notice these new DLC Trophies:

  • Gangland Express: Achieve 33 Stars in AR Challenges using the 2008 Tumbler Batmobile.
  • Rough Justice: Stop Penguin’s escape from GCPD.

Meanwhile, on the WB Forums, Game Director Sefton Hill addressed a comment he made about other characters possibly free-roaming around Gotham. “We wanted to clarify that this is not a feature that we are currently working on and we have no plans to work on this,” he said.

Going further in-depth, Hill says they spent over three years filling Gotham with missions for Batman, and it would take just as long to do justice for other characters:

When we set out to create the ultimate Batman experience in Arkham Knight, a big part of that was making an environment that feels natural and fun for the caped crusader to traverse and explore. Everything in the city is tailored to Batman – from the height of the buildings, to the width of the streets, to the lighting on the rooftops and everything in between. Other characters can’t grapple-and-glide or drive the Batmobile like Batman, so for them to feel authentic they would need to navigate in their own unique ways. And when that’s done, even Gotham itself would need to be modified to get the best out of this new gameplay. Without a prohibitive amount of work, it just wouldn’t be fun or feel authentic to what makes these incredible characters unique.

The next upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight updates in October and November will add character selection for AR combat maps and predator maps.

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