Manage Amusement Parks in Rollercoaster Dreams, Coming to PS4 & PSVR on October 13

July 28, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

An amusement park management game from Bimboosoft, Rollercoaster Dreams is releasing on October 13 in North America for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

Letting you play in your own amusements parks, and the amusement parks from players around the world, Rollercoaster Dreams is playable without PlayStation VR, but Bimboosoft’s Hirofumi Hattori recommends using the headset:

The feeling of entering into the world of the game is incredible. It’s a revolution in gaming, similar to when games made the leap from sprites to polygons. I’m fortunate to be involved with this revolution, and looking forward to playing other games with PlayStation VR.

You can also expect Rollercoaster Dreams to take advantage of the 3D virtual surround sound with PSVR. “I thought it would be impossible to generate sound positions with headphones, but I was surprised to learn that we recognize sound position by differences in sound timing, not the sound wave direction,” Hattori added. “The virtual surround sound enhances the realistic sensation of the amusement parks in Rollercoaster Dreams.”

Thanks to the KALMOF rollercoaster editor, you can make infinite patterns of rollercoasters in Rollercoaster Dreams. If you don’t want to make rollercoasters, the main mode is to manage and grow amusement parks, meaning you’ll be developing, advertising, managing the staff, and more.

A European release for Rollercoaster Dreams wasn’t announced today.

[Source: PS Blog, PlayStation]