PS4 Pro Support Coming to Bound

October 31, 2016Written by Michael Briers

Bound review

Bound, the abstract platformer hatched by developer Plastic and Sony Santa Monica, is to receive PS4 Pro support.

Word comes by way of Reddit (via Power Up Gaming), where Creative Director Michal Staniszewski confirmed that Sony’s imminent new hardware will allow for “additional effects and almost twice as many pixels” when playing Bound via PlayStation VR.

Per Reddit:

“As one of Bound devs I can confirm that except for adding 4K to 2D mode, VR upgrade on PRO will consist of additional effects and almost twice as many pixels rendered. Bound in VR is super sharp on regular PS4 right now, but on PRO it will be hard to see any shimmering pixels at all.”

When asked if the patch will be available in time for Pro’s launch on November 10, Staniszewski noted that said update “should be dispatched before Pro launch, so basically it will be on PSN day 1 for Pros.”

[Source: Reddit via Power Up Gaming]