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Anthony “Sev” Severino – Founder/Executive Editor


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-Favorite Games: Mortal Kombat II, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, Final Fantasy Tactics, Anything SNES


Although his official role at PlayStation LifeStyle is Executive Editor, Anthony finds himself doing graphic design, sales, marketing, even being the site’s in-house electrician and janitor if that’s what his day calls for. This ‘Jack of all Trades’ founded PSLS due to his overwhelming passion for the video games industry and more specifically the PlayStation brand. Anthony is more than just a boss, he is a leader who truly strives at making everyone else around him the best they can be. When Anthony isn’t working at PlayStation LifeStyle or the other websites he manages, including,, and, he is a happy husband and proud father. Anthony lives for the things he loves most in life, his immediate family, and his extended family which consists of the staff he’s assembled and the loyal readers who visit PlayStation LifeStyle daily.


Cameron Teague – PR Manager/Reviews Coordinator


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-Read Cameron’s Posts -Favorite Games: Ultima Online, Suikoden III, Counter-Strike: Source


Cameron has been a gamer ever since he first got hooked on Gemfire for the SNES way back when. RPG’s, specifically the Suikoden series, are his poison of choice when it comes to gaming, but he enjoys almost every genre out there. In the odd case that Cameron is not gaming (seriously, it rarely happens), he is a proud father of 2 and a huge anime/manga buff. Cameron has always been a fan of the PlayStation brand and has been working for PSLS since 2007.


Jason Dunning – Lead News Writer


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-Favorite Games: Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy X, Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Writer of all the news. Man of few words.


Dan Oravasaari – Senior Editor/Bad Gamer

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-Favorite Games: Metal Gear Solid, Journey and Counter-Strike 1.6


In his time with PlayStation LifeStyle, Dan has interviewed and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, but many will recognize him as the Host of Bad Gamers, PSLS Live and one of the main writers behind the beloved Daily Reaction feature. He resides in the California Bay Area, and manages his time between producing daily features, PR, event coordination and light staff management. Besides all of that, he is a working freelance artist and loves interacting with other gamers just like himself. So, if you ever need anything, he is your man.


Chandler Wood – Features Editor/Morning Wood Co-Host

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-Favorite Games: Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, Red Dead Redemption


Chandler has been playing video games for most of his life, starting in the late 80′s (his life that is). His first real passion and appreciation for games however, came with the PlayStation and Final Fantasy VII. Since that time he has become a dedicated PlayStation advocate and an avid PSN trophy hunter, with an impressive trophy count to back his gaming claims that can be viewed here, and as of 2012, a member of the PSLS staff. ‘Chandy’ has an amazing wife that fully supports his love of games, beer, coffee, and PlayStationLifeStyle.


John VanderSchuit – Copy Editor/King of Wit and Snark

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-Favorite Games: Pokemon Blue, Gran Turismo 4, Command & Conquer Red Alert


John, your friendly neighborhood copy editor, is originally from L.A., but transplanted to Chicago. 65 degrees and sunny on Christmas Day just wasn’t cuttin’ it for him. He’s an amateur photographer, graphic design graduate, PlayStation enthusiast, and a fan of strategy and action/adventure titles. He likes his cars European, his wings spicy, his pizza cold, and his beer bottled with nitrogen. He’ll want to be seeing you all on the forums!


Heath Hindman – Japanese Editor

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-Favorite Games: Final Fantasy Tactics, Nier, Skies of Arcadia

-Also can be found on and


When PSLS needs eyes on the streets of Japan, Heath is the go-to guy. He’s been writing game news and reviews online since 2002 and joined the PlayStation LifeStyle team in 2010. You’ll usually see him writing import reviews, Japanese news updates, and PlayStation JapanStyle.


Joseph Peterson – Community Manager/Forum Ban-Hammer Wielder

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-Favorite Games: Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy VII, Mass Effect

Joseph was originally around when PlayStationLifeStyle first began, eventually becoming what it is today. He now makes his triumphant return to once again be the Community Manager for the forums, and they will be better than ever. The forums of PSLS are truly Joseph’s true pride and joy, having no doubt that the they will provide a great place for gamers to come and discuss matters that may or may not pertain to games. Aside from PlayStationLifeStyle Joseph loves spending time with both friends and family, as well as working out and of course playing video games. He has enjoyed every minute of the experience of being with PSLS has brought, and looks forward to the many years to come.


D’yani Wood – Social Media Manager/Morning Wood Co-Host


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-Favorite Games: The Sims, Skyrim, Journey


A not-so-rare girl gamer, D’yani has loved playing video games in various forms her whole life. She is our own writer Chandler’s lifetime co-op buddy. She plays all the MMOs and open-world RPGs, so her busy husband can play them vicariously through her while still maintaining a job (or two). As a graphic designer and photographer, she loves all the beautiful, deep, and emotional aspects of video games. She is a lover of The Beatles, animals, and being nice.


Louis Edwards – Contributing Editor


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-Favorite Games: Ridge Racer 7, MLB: The Show ,Gran Turismo


Louis is a Contributing Editor at PlayStation LifeStyle. His gaming experience goes way back to the late 70’s arcade era and rumor has it that he still owns an Atari 2600 console. He is the father of 3 and grandfather of 2. Donations for his daughter’s education at UC San Diego are gladly accepted. (JK?) He has been with PSLS since 2009 and covers live events in the San Francisco area. GDC anyone? __________________________________________________________

Russell Ritchey – Contributing Editor

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-Favorite Games: Chrono Trigger, Valkyria Chronicles, Ys: Origins


Russell has been writing reviews and columns for close to seven years for gaming websites; with another eight years of review and columns for assorted publications and websites. He has been playing video games for as long as he can remember. Russell possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a wide breadth of publishing experience. __________________________________________________________