Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

We personally would like to thank all of you for making our site such a huge success. Sev1512 and I, set out to bring a new voice to the gaming community, specifically Playstation, and because of all of you we are well on our way to accomplishing that. Your support has:

  • Had our story posted in the Playstation Conversation section of the Official SCEA Blog

  • Allowed the site to rack up nearly 40k hits in only 1 month

  • Caused our stories and opinions to spread throughout the Internet and gaming community.


This all started off as a dream, but we had no idea how the information and opinions that we offered would be received. After reading the many comments on our articles, it is clear that you appreciate our efforts. (Side note: We do make sure to read each comment left on every story). Your interaction, opinions, and ideas will continue to make this site great.


With that said, what would you like to see Sev1512 do as we continue to grow? Let us know

  • Topics you want to see covered

  • Games that you would like more information on

  • Community activities you’d be interested in

    • Clan nights on PSN

    • Tournaments (I would like to play anyone in Puzzle Fighter)

  • Anything that you can think of that is Playstation (including Blu-Ray) related let us know.


We cannot thank you all enough for everything and we look forward to continuing to bring you news Sev1512 style. In a few days, Sev1512 will thank you all yet again and will give you some insight on where the site is headed and we will both respond to the many suggestions that you all give.


Chris Rah Osiris and Sev1512

“You’ve just entered CROSS County in PLAYSTATION Nation”


P.S.  Just in case I forgot.