SCEA Reveals More Elefunk Information, Release Date

Today, Sony added a placeholder page on their official site for Elefunk.  Along with a video, they added 3 screenshots and some interesting new information about the game.  Sony also for the first time provided a tentative US release date for the downloadable game: June 2008.

SCEA Image

Most interesting to me is the 2-player online/offline Deconstruction Multiplayer mode (read: Elephant Jenga!).  More information below from the new page.


Use your construction skills to save elephants from a dangerous fall! In the new puzzle game Elefunk™, your elephants must traverse 20 levels of ravines, rivers, fire pits and swamps – and they’ll only get across if you strengthen the structures correctly with metal, wood and rope. It’s real construction with realistic physics and three different game modes: Time Attack, Puzzle, and Deconstruction. Get building today!

Game Modes:

  • Puzzle Mode – Beginning with an empty level, the player constructs a structure using the limited number of pieces given. There is no time limit, and the next level is unlocked when the player successfully aids the elephant in traversing the level’s ravine.
  • Time Attack – This mode is played on previously unlocked levels. The player begins with a partially constructed structure and has to finish the structure with the limited materials given in a certain time limit. Once the counter reaches zero, the elephants are released!
  • Deconstruction Multiplayer – This two-player mode can be played either on-or-offline. In each round, a player tries to remove a piece of the structure that is holding an elephant without causing the elephant to fall. When a player causes the elephant to fall, the round is over and a point is awarded to his opponent. When all rounds have been played, a winner is declared.