Siren: Blood Curse Info

First and foremost I’m not exactly the type of guy to constantly play scary games. I play games for enjoyment, not to have my heartrate up like I’m doing a workout. Siren: Blood Curse is going to be another example of one of those games that I will enjoy watching being played, but I actually don’t enjoy playing it myself. That’s the way it has been for most horror games with me. There have been three franchises that scare the hell out of me: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Siren.

I’ve already tried out the demo for Siren: Blood Curse on my PS3 and trust me it doesn’t disappoint. The game is very dark though. The environment started with us in the woods with nothing but a flashlight. I got killed within minutes of firing up the demo by a miner that I watched get slaughtered by a psychotic nurse, and that was all I needed to hand the controller over. So I just watched a buddy of mine that is obsessed with the survivor horror genre. Based upon his reactions and my observations is that it is a lot better than the original game (which I own, but never completed). The original was very hard to control in all honesty. The controls on this game seemed a lot more streamlined. Although it was still hard as hell considering I died within minutes.

Now I know that a lot of gamers love these titles, so I’m here to give some insight on the game which will be release in America sometime this summer.

There has been a lot of new info coming out for the game as the release date draws closer and I thought I would let our readers know about it. This game is first off actually being released over the PSN in episodic content rather than a full blown Blu Ray release. The prices have yet to be revealed as to how much each of the total 12 episodes will cost. The game itself uses more an interesting mechanic called “Sight Jack”. This is the same feature that was used in the first 2 games. Although only the first game was released here in America. You basically can see what your enemy is seeing with this feature. It allows you be more able to hide from the enemy when you know exactly where they are and what they are looking at. According to the US Producer Tsubasa Inaba:

An American TV crew arrives in Japan to shoot a documentary piece on the legend of this Japanese village that supposedly disappeared 30 years ago. Upon arrival, they immediately find themselves wrapped up in the horror of this mysterious curse that haunts the village. The game lets you play seven different characters throughout the story.

The people of the village that is cursed become a sort of living dead called Shibito. They aren’t really alive, nor are they dead. That is all the info I have at the moment of this game and the following is the trailers that have already been released for the title. Stay tuned to for more info on this title.