Over 100,000 hits in 2 months

This post is to thank the readers, and the fans of the site.  We did this with at our first month mark, which he had just made it to 40K hits.   Simple math tells you that we had a 50% increase of readers in our second month giving us a whopping 60K hits.

We are very pleased to be THE SITE that you turn to for the best PlayStation news.

Also we want to thank you for welcoming the transition of to PlayStation

Our community is growing quickly, we see more and more comments being made to our posts.  Thank you for that readers.

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Another thing, is dont miss your chance to partake in our “Putting the Style in PlayStation LifeStyle – Logo Contest” where you can win GOW:Chains of Olympus for PSP, or a MS Pro Duo 1GB….

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Again thank you to all the readers, and the dedicated team that make this site what it is…