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This Week’s Blu-Cast

June 1, 2008Written by Azariah Ellington II

Here again with the 2nd edition of the Blu-Cast. The first week didn’t offer too many titles to you Blu-Ray lovers out there. This week will definitely make up for the void that was last week. Not only do we get Cloverfield and There Will Be Blood, but we get Dirty Harry as well. I will be picking up quite a few movies this week. The Dirty Harry Ultimate edition will be one of them.

This week the links will take you to instead of Amazon. Why? Because provides screens and other information on the movie that you can take into account before you go over to Amazon to make the purchase. does provide links to Amazon as well.

Which movies will you be picking up this week?

Release date
CloverfieldJun 03, 2008
There Will Be BloodJun 03, 2008
PattonJun 03, 2008
Weeds: Season 3Jun 03, 2008
SignsJun 03, 2008
The EyeJun 03, 2008
The Longest DayJun 03, 2008
Battle of BritainJun 03, 2008
Meet the Spartans: Pit of Death EditionJun 03, 2008
A Bridge Too FarJun 03, 2008
The RecruitJun 03, 2008
The Sand PebblesJun 03, 2008
The Poseidon AdventureJun 03, 2008
Weeds: Season 1-3Jun 03, 2008
Final Days of Planet EarthJun 03, 2008
Fearless PlanetJun 03, 2008