Jeff Rubenstein Hints at PSN/PlayStation.Blog Integration

Maybe I’m reading a little too much into it, but it looks to me like Jeff Rubenstein hinted at further integration of the PLAYSTATION Network today.

In response to a commenter who said:

I don’t think these negative comments come from PS fans, a lot of these guys are just trolls who probably don’t own a PS3 a look at every chance to bash Sony.

I wish the PS Blog would tag PSN members so that we would know whether comments are coming from a PS3 owner or not.

Jeff Rubenstein replied:

Oh, just wait.

Will the introduction of Qore and hints of a soon-to-be-released new firmware correspond with other improvements to Sony’s communication/collaboration tools?  I can’t say for sure – but it’s an exciting month to be a PS3 owner.

Source: PlayStation.Blog