Rumored PLAYSTATION Store New Content (US) for June 12, 2008

Hey guys!  Just checking in to let you know what’s coming to the PLAYSTATION Store this wee… oh, hello?  Is anyone there?  Well, if any of you are not playing Metal Gear Solid 4 today and for some reason you’re looking for other content, I’m here to let you know what we’ll most likely see today on the PSN.  I will keep this post updated (like I did last week) as new information pours in.

I have a hunch we’ll see a PSone classic this week – which would be nice if true since so many have been clamoring for more on the PlayStation.Blog (and Japan received 6 more this week).  The Army of Two free map pack was delayed 2 weeks ago in the US and it’s reasonable to think we’ll get it this week.  As for the Konami “surprise” – I think it will be in addition to a PS3 theme.  But honestly, I wouldn’t expect a whole database of content, considering they just released an awesome exclusive PS3 game – what more can you ask for?  Here’s the full list:

  • Army of Two DLC – “Veteran Map Pack” | Rumor
      • Two brand new co-op campaign maps
      • One enhanced multiplayer map
      • Update: Delayed at least 1 week
      • Price: FREE
    • Source: WorthPlaying :: IGN





  • Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars [Demo] | Confirmed
      • Demo rumored to be coming to the “other console” on May 14
      • Maybe we’ll get a demo on the PS3 as well
      • PS3 version developed by different company than [other console] version
      • Update: EU PSN received the demo today, official website seems to indicate North America will get it today as well
    • Source: via Enemy Territory Forums ::





  • Guitar Hero III DLC – “Isle of Wight” Track Pack | Confirmed
      • “I Predict a Riot” by the Kaiser Chiefs 
      • “Problems” by The Sex Pistols
      • “Shoot the Runner” by Kasabian
    • Source:

  • Konami Surprise | !

  • PSone Classic (PS3/PSP) | Rumor 
    • <Unknown>

  • Rock Band DLC – “MTV2 Three Pack” | Confirmed
      • MTV2 Three Pack ($0.99 USD each, $2.99 USD for all three):
        • “Bullets & Guns” by Them Terribles
        • “A Clean Shot” by The Myriad
        • “Moving to Seattle” by The Material
      • Bonus Single ($1.99 USD):
        • “Girls Who Play Guitars” by Maximo Park
    • Source: Forums

  • Additional Content  
    • Theme – Metal Gear Solid 4 | Rumor


Note:EU PSN received a Monster Madness: Grave Danger [demo]* and a Quake Wars: Enemy Territory [demo] today.  I’m not sure when we’ll see these in North America (it may be today for all I know), but at least next week we will get Fatal Inertia EX [full game & demo] and an NCAA 09 [demo] from EA Sports.

Source: My Thread at the Forums

*Looks like the Monster Madness: Grave Danger [demo] on EU PSN has been removed.  People can still download it if it’s in their download list.