The PlayStation LifeStyle Podcast

Thanks to our incredibly supportive fans and readers, PlayStation LifeStyle has begun to make somewhat of an impression in the minds of many.

We began as a small, humble blog with big, grandiose plans, and to see them unfurling successfully into what we have become today is truly an emotional experience for us.

In an effort to continue to grow and expand our horizons, we have considered making a podcast on a weekly basis, but we are unsure of two things:

  • Do our readers and viewers want a podcast?
  • What are we going to call it if we do make a podcast?

So, as you can see, we need help with those two questions.

Do you, our loyal readers and viewers, want us to make a podcast for you? We’d relish the opportunity to provide this for you, and we’d enjoy every minute of it.

If you want a podcast, what do you think we should call it? Go ahead, give us your ideas! If we pick your name for our podcast, we’ll give you a special mention and thanks in our first episode!

So, with that said, thank you again for your continued reading and support of