PlayStation LifeStyle To Attend E3

In a few short weeks’ time, Sev1512 and Chris Rah Osiris will be attending E3 in Los Angeles, CA. It is truly amazing to us that we have such an opportunity, and we will use it to bring you guys some great coverage, guaranteed.

I’ll be coordinating everything here while they’re hard at work gathering information and holding interviews.

Expect me to relay their interviews, articles, and info to you here on the blog as quickly as I can, so as to give a constant stream of entertainment.

Sev1512 wishes to thank everyone from the bottom of his heart for your continued support, because if it weren’t for the amount of readers that visit his humble blog, he wouldn’t have the opportunity of fulfilling one of his most longed-for dreams: attending E3.

So again, thanks to you, Sev now has the opportunity to fulfill a boyhood dream, and in return he will share his E3 experiences with you the whole entire way!

P.S.In the coming 2 weeks, watch for a ‘reader questions thread’ in the forums. Sev will pick and choose which people’s queries he’ll take along with him to ask various developers during interviews.