Debunked Rumor: PS2 Titles Downloadable Through PSN? FALSE

Well initially this was shown on the N4G Forums. It is definitely a rumor for now. But the screenshot looks pretty convincing to me. From the pic it looks to be Fantavision, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Red Faction, Ridge Racer V, Smuggler’s Run, SSX, and The Bouncer. Gamespot contacted Sony and they denied it. The forum post and the Sony response can be found after the jump.

UPDATE: We have received word that this image is in fact fake. Sorry for any confusion.

Forum post:

I was speaking to a friend last night on MSN who works at Sony London. I was actually asking him about the new XMB update, and if he knows when it’ll be out. He told me it was scheduled to launch E3, but more interesting was his info on a new Playstation 2 Store that’ll also be announced at E3 too! Basically Sonys answer to Xbox Originals. He even sent me a pic, ive uploaded it here:

Apparently, it wont be released during E3, but is scheduled for a late summer release. Most surprising is that its supposedly launching in Europe first! Guess Sony has realised how valuable us Europeans are to them!

Sony’s response to Gamespot:

“I’m not sure where the image came from,” said Sony’s Patrick Seybold, when questioned by GamePro on visible allegations that PS2 games would be coming to the PlayStation Store. “At this point, we haven’t made any announcements, and there are no plans for PS2 downloadable titles on PS3.”

Earlier today, an unverified user of the N4G Forums posted the shown photo, claiming to have received the image directly from Sony Europe by way of an insider contact.

According to the anonymous source, Sony will unveil PS2 game downloads while attending E3 next month, this in response to Microsoft’s Xbox Originals which debuted on Xbox 360 last year. Despite Sony’s denial, said expansion to include PS2 games will happen later this summer, the forum poster said.

I’m not really sure what to believe here. Sony also denied HOME last year before E3 if you remember. But this is what all companies do. They don’t want to ruin the element of surprise. But at times that is almost impossible with the internet.