400 GB Blu-Ray

Everyone that frequents the site knows that I absolutely love Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray related technology. Well today, Pioneer announced that the company has produced a 16 layer Blu-Ray disc that is capable of holding 400 GB of information. This is absolutely amazing. Imagine what can be done with this type of storage capacity! Full details of the accomplishment are expected to be released next week at the symposium that will be held in Hawaii for optical memory and storage.

Can you imagine a 400 GB game? I’m sure Kojima or Square Enix could. Based on initial reports these discs can be used in older players via a firmware update. I wonder if we’ll ever see the day that a 400 GB Blu-Ray is used for a game or a movie on a PS3. I surely hope so. With the read speeds of Blu-Ray drives increasing steadily, there could be use for this type of storage in computers for sure. Maybe the use of more storage and different arrangements of data could allow for fewer mandatory installs.