PlayStation LifeStyle E3 Predictions

PSLS is most widely known for insider information. That being said, I would like to point out that all of our predictions are just that….Predictions.

  • EatSleepPlay will unveil Twisted Metal PS3. – Very Likely
  • Sony will be showing off new JRPGs – Very Likely
  • Sony/Square will show a teaser trailer for FFVII – Unlikely
  • Sony will announce a release date for the PSN Video Store – Likely
  • PSP-3000 SKU announced – Likely
  • 2.50 features will be announced. In game video chat, and PSN video store featured – Likely
  • GT5: Prologue vehicle damage update demonstrated – Likely
  • Home Expanded Beta information – Likely
  • New groundbreaking Home features. More developer involvement – Very Likely
  • Naughty Dog will show an Uncharted 2 teaser – Likely
  • Heavenly Sword sequel, being developed by a new studio – Highly Unlikely
  • Capcom debuts new IP – VERY LIKELY
  • Konami announces Castlevania for PS3/360 – Highly Unlikely
  • Little Big Planet PSP integration – Very Likely
  • PSP GPS release date announced – Unlikely
  • Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty demoed/dated – Very Likely
  • PS3 Youtube integration – Very Likely
  • New PSN community features – Very Likely
  • PSN Music Store announced – Likely
  • PSN indie developer initiative – Very Likely