Blu For You: Batman Begins Limited Edition

There hasn’t been one person that I have met that did not like Batman. While he is a superhero, he is also a normal human being without superhero and has regular problems just like the rest of us. Maybe that’s why he has been so successful. We can all relate to him.

A while back the Batman Begins: Limited Edition Gift Set was released on blu-ray. Well I picked it up a couple days ago to prepare myself for The Dark Knight, which released this past Friday.

This is essentially a review of the set itself and to tell you if I feel that it was worth it. If you have read my reviews before then you already know the format that it will be in. I will cover the everything ranging from the Likes, Dislikes, and finally whether to Buy or Rent. This will not offer any spoilers for the movie, or The Dark Knight movie. So let’s get to it. Full review and pics follow.


  • -The entire package—overall it just looks cool. The blu-ray and goodies are packed into an insert that has a cutout where the hologram is shown through that coutout on the front. I don’t care how old you are, holograms are always and will always be cool to look at.
  • -The amount of content—the amount of content you get for the price you pay makes it worth it alone. It comes with the Batman Begins movie on blu-ray, The Dark Knight Prologue (first 10 or so minutes of the film), 32 page Dark Knight Prologue book, 16 page comic book version of the first 10 minutes of The Dark Knight, 5 post cards, Batman Begins hologram, and then the icing on the cake is $7.50 in movie money (which I used to see The Dark Knight this past Friday).
  • -1080p—honestly if you have a PS3 and don’t have an HDTV you really should start saving or find access to one. Because you are missing out on quite a different experience. This movie is no different. The quality of both the video and audio aspect are superb. Even though I already owned the movie on DVD I still bought this, and it felt like a different movie.


  • -Nothing—this is probably one of the first times that I have not been able to complain about atleast one thing with the purchase. This is one of the most satisfying movie purchases I have made in some time. If you are a fan of the series or intested in becoming one, I highly recommend this title. You will not be disappointed.

Buy/Rent/Stay Away:

  • -If you have actually read this entire review then it’s pretty much a given what I’m going to say here. Buy this movie. Period. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. You will love this limited edition set.

On A Side Note:

  • -There is another blu-ray that was put out called Gotham Knight. It chronicles what happened between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. It is an animation so it may not be for you, but I still plan on picking it up. They have been sold out everywhere around here, so I haven’t gotten a chance to buy it yet. Although I have heard very good things about it. Below is a trailer for it and the rest is pictures of the contents in the Batman Begins Limited Edition Set.


This trailer is in HD, so be patient. It may take a little longer to load. Enjoy.

This is the whole set unboxed.

These are the postcards that I talked about in the review.