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PSN Demo Impressions – Pixel Junk Eden

July 25, 2008Written by Joseph Peterson

Well it’s time for another Impressions Article by me guys. This time it will be PixelJunk Eden that I am analyzing for you all. I have been playing the demo a lot, almost non stop since it was released.  I keep finding myself comng back to this simple yet innovative title. The demo is a lot more robust than I thought it would be. I’ve been playing for quite some time and I just finished the 1st garden completely. Granted I was messing around for a bit, and also trying to get the handle on the controls. But the demo could almost be a full game in it’s own right, and one that I would have happily been willing to pay for. I can’t even imagine how much time I will throw away in the full game. Alright so down to the nitty gritty, the likes/dislikes of the game, and then I will tell you whether or not I think the final game is worthy of a purchase on day one.

What I Liked:

  • -The Graphics—the overall look of this game I absolutely love. The artistic feel for the game still has me just staring in awe as the music is playing. In fact as I write this review I have it on the main menu and I am staring at the demo being played out.
  • -The Music—hands down it pulls you in as you are playing and just flows with the game. Probably better than most games that I have seen.
  • -Level Design—this game institutes a great cause and effect style of gameplay. You must do a number of steps to get higher and higher in the level. Also there are several things to do out of caution in case you fall from the top. If you took the time to develop some of the smaller “branches” you might be able to grab onto one. If not, enjoy the long fall. Even the main menu has a great design in the way that the garden builds itself as you complete more and more levels.
  • -Controls—while I hated them at first to be honest I have grown to love them and realize how good they are. It takes time to get used to them though, I’m not gonna lie. But they are so intuitive once you get the handle for the game.
  • -The Creatures—haha yes this is something I liked. I don’t know what they are, but for some reason they have the same charm as Sackboy on me. You can’t help but crack a smile when you look at them.

What I Disliked:

  • -Nothing—you got it. I said nothing. I have never said that on a game. I have never said that with anything really. There is not one thing I would change about this game so far. There were things I had to adapt to such as the controls, but I was able to adapt with ease. That was the only thing that caused a problem with me.


  • -Long Falls—while I know this is the players fault, I have to put something here, and this is the only part of the game that was getting on my nerves. Maybe it’s because I’m still kind of new to the title and haven’t judged jumps correctly. But it seems as if there were times where I would jump and right when I would get to the branch it would sway in the wind away from my creature. Then I fell for a long time, and when I say long I mean a LONG way down.

Purchase/Rent/Stay Away: I have never played a game with this much charm and just left me having as much good fun when I put the controller down. When I say good fun I mean it in a different way, so let me explain. You remember when you were a kid and you played a game that just had you grinning from ear to ear because it was that much fun. Well as I (atleast me at times, so I don’t know if I’m speaking for everyone) have grown older I find myself at times not enjoying a game as much because I look for flaws so much more now. Maybe because I am becoming older, or maybe because I am forcing myself to look for flaws because I review. Well this is a game that has not done that to me. I can’t find flaws in it. I have enjoyed every minute of it and loved it. It’s almost as if this game has reached my inner child as corny as that sounds. Because it is just plain fun. Buy this at release, and I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed in any way.