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This Week’s Blu-Cast

July 27, 2008Written by Azariah Ellington II

Written by Chris Rah Osiris

This is a week full of releases. I would like to think that there is something for everyone. Paramount titles that had been announced prior to the HD-DUD defection are finally making their way to Blu. *Applauds*.

In total there are about 30 titles being released this week. 22 of them are listed here. Beowulf, The Jack Ryan movies, and Harold and Kumar will be finding a new home a my house.

Which movies will you be getting this week?

Release date
Stargate: ContinuumJul 29, 2008
Top GunJul 29, 2008
The Lost BoysJul 29, 2008
Shine a LightJul 29, 2008
Clear and Present DangerJul 29, 2008
DoomsdayJul 29, 2008
Patriot GamesJul 29, 2008
The Sum of All FearsJul 29, 2008
Lost Boys: The TribeJul 29, 2008
Never Back DownJul 29, 2008
Human Body: Pushing the LimitsJul 29, 2008
VengeanceJul 29, 2008
Bears (IMAX)Jul 29, 2008
SalvageJul 29, 2008