New Direction For PlayStation LifeStyle

Written by Sev1512

Hello to our loyal readers…

We are proud to announce our new direction for PlayStation LifeStyle. We will be focusing more on the “LifeStyle” aspect of our name. You can look forward to articles, thoughts, and opinions coming from lifelong gamers. We will cover how gaming plays a role in our everyday lives and how PlayStation has grown up along side us authors, along with many other subjects.

Instead of bringing you the same daily news as other sites, we will bring you our take on the day’s news and how it will affect the gaming industry, as well as your average PlayStation fan.

Another thing you will notice is that there will be no more “insider news”, less “rumors”, etc. Instead of working against developers/publishers, we will be working with them to bring you a inside look at the games they are producing. We apologize, since we know a lot of you first came here for our insider news. However, we will be focusing less on hits and more on quality journalism, as well as keeping PlayStation LifeStyle’s integrity intact throughout the gaming industry.

So this doesn’t mean we won’t BREAK news, we just won’t LEAK news.

We invite you to comment below and let us know what you think of our new plans for the site!